Cardiac Systems

A sample of an intracardiac EGM.

This project has three focus areas:

  1. Providing better sensing information to cardiac electrophysiologists
  2. Personalizing cardiac electrophysiology models using machine learning
  3. Improving ICD therapy using data-driven algorithms

Improving ICD Therapy Using Data-Driven Algorithms

Progress to this end was made in my summer internship in the SUNFEST REU program. I worked on a project to improve the performance of ICD therapy using data-driven algorithms. ICDs are implanted in patients to prevent sudden cardiac death. However, ICDs are not perfect, and can sometimes deliver unnecessary shocks. My project involved using machine learning to identify patients who are at risk of receiving unnecessary shocks, and to develop a data-driven algorithm to improve the performance of ICD therapy.

Nandan Tumu
Nandan Tumu
PhD Candidate

My research interests include physics-informed neural networks, machine learning, and robotics.